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NAPIT Part P Registered Electrician City & Guilds Qualified

General Information

As you might expect a good professional tradesman will always be very busy.

Certain times of year are busier than others, so it is always a good idea to forward plan where possible.


All estimates exceeding £300 are prepared in writing after a visit to your home to discuss the work you have requested me to estimate. I do not do telephone estimates. This is because I am obligated to check certain parts of your existing installation before submitting an estimate.

For Example: -

Earthing and Bonding. I am not permitted by Regulation No. 130-07-01 and Regulation No. 543-01-01 to make any alteration or addition to an existing installation without first checking that the Main earth conductor is in place and of the correct size.

Also I must check that the equipotential earth bonding of the Gas and Water service is installed and the correct size. If these items are not adequate it is a MANDATORY REQUIREMENT to upgrade these items. This NOT OPTIONAL.

Residual Current Device, (RCD). In most cases circuits MUST be protected by an RCD. If your existing fuse box does not offer this protection I am obligated to install this item by Regulation No. 471-16-01.

See under the heading RCD’s on the upgrading page for further information.


All my electrical installations upon completion are inspected and tested and certified in accordance with the requirements of Regulation No. 711-01-01 and 741-01-01. The key wording in these regulations are EVERY installation will upon completion be inspected and tested. Some of my competitors interpret this wording as the ones which I feel like doing or NEVER. An electrical installation without a certificate does NOT comply with regulations and since January 2005 has become a MANDATORY requirement under amendments to the Building Regulations known as Part “P”. This will make it a Criminal Offence for an electrician not to certify his completed work. As an Approved Contractor registered with NAPIT (National Association of Professional Inspectors & Testers) I always certify my work where necessary & provide you with a printed copy of the certificate.


JPW Electrical offers a 1 Year Guarantee covering Materials & Workmanship.

We also offers a Conditional 10 Year Guarantee on all FULL rewires. The main condition being that the installation be Inspected and Tested by me after 5 years. This a personal guarantee because I have confidence in my workmanship and the quality of materials that I use.

For extra peace of mind, I am also able to offer 6 year insurance backed guarantee at an extra charge via NAPIT with whom I am registered.